Goring Gambit

The Goring Gambit is a line in the Scotch Game of the King Pawn Openings, where Black plays c3 rather than recapture the "d pawn.

Diagram: Goring Gambit

Goring Gambit Declined: Black can decline the Goring Gambit in a few ways:

  • 4d5 transposes to the Danish Gambit Declined
  • 4..Nf6 transposes to a sub-variation of the Ponziani Opening (2.c3)

There are two variations of the Goring Gambit Accepted: one pawn gambit, or two pawn gambit.

Diagram: Goring Gambit (one pawn gambit)

Diagram: Goring Gambit (Two Pawn Gambit like the Danish Gambit)

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