Flank Openings

Flank openings in chess are those where the development occurs on the side of the board, rather than the center. These are the “wing openings” or “side openings” and there are various ones for White or Black. Flank openings are often in the categories of:

White Flank Openings

White Kingside Flank Openings: The list of flank openings for White includes:

White Queenside Flank Openings: The list of openings for White on the Queenside wing includes:

Black Flank Openings

Black Kingside Flank Defences: The list of black openings on the kingside wing includes:

Black Queenside Flank Defences: the list of black openings with queenside flank play includes:

Fianchetto Openings

There are also a variety of other “fianchetto openings” which may involve both center and wing play. Some more examples include: