Evanís Gambit

The Evanís Gambit is a well-regarded gambit for White. It is played in the Kingís Pawn openings instead of the Giuoco Piano (c3). Black can also avoid the Evanís Gambit by playing the Two Knights Defence instead of Bc5.

Diagram: Evanís Gambit

Black can take the pawn with Bxb4 (accepting the gambit), or alternatively Black can decline the gambit. Both lines are playable for both sides.

The Rare Nxb4 line: Blackís accepting of the gambit with ď4ÖNxb4Ē (instead of the usual Bxb4) is not very important, as it leads to similar positions after ď5. c3 Nc6Ē that are transpositions to variations with Bxb4, but where Black has voluntarily chosen to have reduced options.

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