Danish-like Gambit

The idea of the “Danish-like Gambit” or “Two Pawn Morra Gambit” against the Sicilian is to play the same pawn gambits as against e5 (the “Danish Gambit” proper). The Sicilian version is somewhat similar, but whereas the main line of the Danish Gambit is a century old, the Sicilian version is barely known to theory at all. This line arises from the starting moves of the Morra Gambit, and then White offers a second pawn.

Diagram: Two Pawn Morra Gambit (Danish-Like Gambit)

Declining the Morra Gambit

One of the problems with this gambit idea is that White can simply decline this gambit in multiple ways that are all acceptable for Black:

  • 3..d5 becomes the “c3 Sicilian” (d5 line)
  • 3..Nf6 becomes the “c3 Sicilian” (Nf6 line)
  • 3..d3 is the Morra Gambit Declined

Since a strong player with Black will know the “c3 Sicilian” lines very well, they are likely to choose these simple transpositions rather than accept a strange gambit.

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