Danish Gambit

The Danish Gambit is a gambit line in the “Center Game”. Rather than re-capture the center pawn, White can gambit a pawn. There is also a version where two pawns are gambited.

Diagram: Danish Gambit

The two-pawn gambit version of the Danish Gambit is extremely dangerous. However, it often peters out into a dullish endgame if Black chooses to return both pawns for equality.

Diagram: Danish Two Pawn Gambit

The one-pawn gambit version with “4.Nxc3” (instead of 4.Bc4) will often transpose into the Goring Gambit after the two missing moves Nc6 and Nf3 have been played.

Diagram: Danish One Pawn Gambit

One of the advantages of the Danish Gambit is that it avoids the Petrov. However, there are simpler lines for an anti-Petrov variation, such as the Bishop’s Opening.