Caro Kann Defence

The Caro Kann Defence is a solid defence for Black against “e4”. It has the reputation as a somewhat positional and equality-seeking opening for Black. It is not as tactical as the Sicilian Defence or the French Defence against e4.

Diagram: Caro Kann Defence

In theory, the Caro Kann Defence can also be played against “d4”. After the moves “1.d4 c6”, White can choose between “e4” (the Caro Kann) or avoid the Caro via “c4” (with a Slavic Queen’s Gambit).

White has various lines against the Caro Kann. For more about some White systems, read more about: Anti-Caro Kann Lines.

The Caro Kann Defence has had quite good results against e4. Lots of grandmasters play this opening, but it does not have the general popularity of the Sicilian Defence. Perhaps it deserves to be more popular!

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