Budapest Gambit

The Budapest Gambit is an interesting Black gambit in the d4 Nf6 lines. Black offers the e pawn (King pawn) as a gambit pawn on the second move. The line is quite tactical and interesting, but against a strong player, the variations will often peter out into dull positional chess where Black is somewhat inferior. Hence, the Budapest is not often seen in master chess, although it can be quite successful in beginner and intermediate chess games.

Diagram: Budapest Gambit

Another problem with the Budapest is that White can avoid it by delaying c4. White players will often choose the move order 2.Nf3 and 3.c4, rather than the main line 2.c4. Such play is really designed to avoid openings like the Benko, rather than the less-feared Budapest lines, but this Nf3 move order means that Black cannot fully rely on the Budapest for their Black anti-d4 repertoire.

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