Black against d4

Black has a number of possible opening moves against d4. Black’s main choice is whether to copy White by playing “d5” or to choose one of the many other alternative Queen pawn defences for Black.

The main openings for Black to consider include:

Queen Pawn Defences: Black plays “1..d5” so both Queen pawns are in the center. There are various options for Black in the Queen pawn openings:

Indian Defences: The main defences for Black in the “1. d4 Nf6” lines are:

The other “non-Indian” lines with “1..Nf6” against “1.d4” include:

Other less popular but quite playable lines for Black against “1.d4” include:

Some of the less respected lines of play for Black against d4 include:

Some moves that leave White with the pleasant choice of whether to play “2.e4” or not:

Some very odd moves for Black to play against “1.d4” would be:

  • 1.. Nc6 (Queen’s Knight Defence. White will just play 2.d5 and biff the Knight back, but surprisingly it’s actually a playable line. Rarely seen.)
  • 1..f6 (just plain bad move, weakening the Black king)
  • 1..Nh6 (just plain bad move, Knight on the edge of the board is bad and White can just play Bc1xh6 immediately, ruining Black’s pawn structure.)
  • 1..Na6 (just plain bad move, Knight on the edge of the board is bad)
  • 1..g5? (White just takes the free pawn!)