Bird Opening

The Bird Opening is 1.f4 for White, and is a very playable opening, although rarely seen in tournament chess. White aims to control the dark squares, and will often fianchetto the dark-squared bishop by playing b3 and Bb2 (along with other thematic moves like Nf3 and e3).

Diagram: Bird Opening

Birdís Opening for White should not be confused with Birdís Defence for Black, which is a Black defence against the Ruy Lopez.

Against Whiteís 1.f4, Black can reply with quiet moves like 1..d5, or can play the dangerous gambit line of Fromís Gambit with 1..e5.

Diagram: Fromís Gambit by Black against Bird Opening

Fromís Gambit can then furthermore transpose into the Kingís Gambit with ď2.e4!?Ē, if White prefers to offer a gambit than to play against a Black gambit.

Diagram: Kingís Gambit arising from Fromís Gambit by transposition

Transpositions: The Bird Opening may become the Fromís Gambit, and then transpose to the Kingís Gambit, as shown above.

If Black plays 1..c5 with a Sicilian-like setup (e.g. also d6 and/or Nc6), then White may play ď2.e4!?Ē and transpose into an ďf4 SicilianĒ or perhaps Nc3 and then f4, transposing into a ďGrand Prix AttackĒ line of the Closed Sicilian.

Black might play 1..f5, with a strange symmetrical position. However, it is playable for both sides.

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