Balogh’s Defence

Balogh’s Defence is “1.e4 d6, 2.d4 f5!?”, which looks like a hopeless beginner’s opening, but is surprisingly playable. It’s bad reputation is somewhat undeserved as Black only suffers from a mild weakness of the white squares, but Black has good piece play in an open position.

Diagram: Balogh’s Defence

The two basic types of lines are where White tries to swap bishops with exf5 and Bd3, or alternatively where White ignores the capture by playing Nc3 and Bd3 to build-up first.

Diagram: Balogh’s Defence with pawn capture and Bd3

Black might play Bxd3 or Qd7 in the position after Bd3. Black ends up with some weakness on the light squares, but it is far from fatal.

Diagram: Balogh’s Defence example line with Nc3 build-up

Transpositions: Balogh’s Defence may arise by transposition in the Staunton Gambit (against the Dutch Defence), should Black play “2..d6” to decline the gambit (instead of f5xe5 accepting the gambit).

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