Bad Openings

It seems a bit harsh to label a chess opening opening as “bad”, but there are plenty of them! Some of the “bad” openings in chess include those below.

Some White openings with a dubious reputation include:

Bad White starting moves include:

It should be noted that some of these “bad” White openings are playable, in the sense that White has basically wasted their first move, and it’s like White is now playing reversed Black openings now. So the opening is only so “bad” as to be like playing the Black pieces, which is not really that bad at all.

For example, if you play “1.a3” or “1.h3”, and then play the rest of the opening like it’s a Black opening reversed, then the game is fine for White. More committal opening moves like “1.a4” or “1.h4” or “1.f3” are probably not so good with this idea, as they are more weakening for White.

Some Black openings with a dubious reputation include:

Some bad lines for Black include:

  • 1.e4 f5
  • 1..f6
  • 1..a5
  • 1..h5

Dubious Openings: Some of the gambit opening lines that are at least good enough to be officially named, but are regarded as “unsound” (at least, regarded so at the grandmaster level) include:

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