Australian Chess Opening

Is there an Australian chess opening? There are lots of other openings named after countries, is there one for Australia?

Well, there is the “Kangaroo Defence”. And if there were a claim by Australia on any other chess opening, it would be to rename the Scandinavian Defence (Center Counter) to the “Australian Defence”. If you play chess tournaments in Australia, the odds are high that you’ll face this defence when you play 1.e4.

It was started years ago by the esteemed Australian Grandmaster Ian Rogers, who has routinely played the basic Qxd5 and Qa5 version of the center counter. He has added greatly to the theory, played it against other grandmasters and written about the opening.

Later, the newer Nf6 variant of the Scandinavian started to be played often in Australia, especially in Melbourne. Australian Grandmaster David Smerdon has recently written an entire book on this Nf6 opening, including the Portuguese Variation with Bg4!?, titled “Smerdon’s Scandinavian”. Maybe he should have titled the book “The Australian Defence” and got the name change started!

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