Attacking Repertoire for White

The main assumption is that an attacking White player will play “e4” as the main opening move. This is probably a little unfair to “d4”, which can also have numerous great attacking lines.

White Plays 1.e4: the main parts of the repertoire are therefore against the various different Black defences to e4.

Problems for a White Repertoire

Some of the more problematic aspects for “e4 openings” are:

King Pawn Openings: e4 e5

Main King Pawn Openings attacking variations under consideration for the White repertoire include:

Traditional King Pawn Lines with 2.Nf3

If White plays “2.Nf3” then also required are responses to these King Pawn Opening lines:

Anti-Sicilian Lines for White

Anti-Sicilian variations: White repertoire against Sicilian Defence variations to consider that avoid most of the reams of theory include:

Unusual Anti-Sicilian Lines Needing More Analysis

Anti-Sicilian lines needing some more analysis include:

  • Delayed c3 Sicilian. Play “3.c3” not “2.c3”? (Needs more analysis.)
  • f4 Sicilian non-greedy lines (2..d5): White declines the Black gambit and avoids Bb5+ or c4 lines against the 2..d5 lines, instead allowing the recapture Nxd5. For example, White plays Bc4 and Qf3. See: f4 Sicilian. (Needs more analysis.)
  • f4 Sicilian with c3 lines (quieter lines): In the quieter lines other than 2..d5, maybe White can play c3 and d4, instead of Nc3. See: f4 Sicilian. (Needs more analysis.)
  • Smith-Morra Gambit Deferred (White delays d4 by one move). (Needs more analysis.)
  • Wing gambit deferred. White can delay playing “b4” by a move or two? Can White delay or avoid playing “a3” after “c5xb4”? (Like a Reverse Benko or a Reverse Blumenfeld?) (Needs more analysis.)
  • Early Qxd4 Sicilian line (1.e4 c5, 2.d4 cxd4, 3.Qxd4!? Nc6, 4.Qa4!?) (Sicilian Center Game)

White Against Other Semi-Open Defences (Non-Sicilian)

Main White repertoire for Semi-Open games (other than Sicilian Defence) requires a response to all these other Black defences:

White Plays d4 (Queen Pawn Repertoire for White)

White Attacking d4 Repertoire: Despite having a slower reputation, there are plenty of attacking lines in the Queen Pawn Games. But it has to be said that Black can try to steer the game to quieter play in some lines of the Queen’s Gambit Declined. Nevertheless, some of the attacking “d4 d5” variations include:

White Anti-Indian Lines

Some of the attacking variations after “1.d4 Nf6” are the various anti-Indian systems:

  • Anti-King’s Indian
  • Anti-Queen’s Indian
  • Anti-Nimzo-Indian
  • Anti-Bogo-Indian
  • Anti-Old Indian
  • Anti-Benoni
  • Benko Gambit Declined and Anti-Benko Lines
  • Blackmar-Diemer Gambit against Nf6 (After “1.d4 Nf6”, White plays “2.Nc3” virtually forcing “2..d5” and then “3.e4!?”)

White Queen Pawn Without c4 Lines

Some of the less common White lines that are attacking after “1.d4” include:

Specific Anti-Indian Lines for White

Some of the specific anti-Indian lines to consider for attacking value include:

White Repertoire against Other Black Defences against d4

If White plays “d4”, then the repertoire needs a response to all these other possible Black defences. White lines against other less common Black “d4 defences” include:

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