Attacking Repertoire for Black

Some of the Black lines considered for an attacking opening repertoire include the semi-open defences against King pawn and Queen pawn lines. The open positions tend to be somewhat too equal and often passive for an attacking player.

Main Lines against e4

Black lines against e4 under consideration for an attacking repertoire:

Surprise Lines for Black against e4

Odd sidelines to consider for surprise value against “1.e4”:

Attacking Queen Pawn Lines for Black (d4 d5)

Attacking lines for Black in the “d4 d5 openings” include:

Indian Defence Main Lines for Black

Black lines against 1.d4, using 1…Nf6 and excluding all “d4 d5” lines:

Other White Lines Needing a Black Repertoire

There are various lines in the White “d4” openings where White doesn’t play “2.c4”, which require a response in the Black repertoire.

Unusual and Surprise Black Lines against d4

Odd sidelines or anti-theory lines against “1.d4” include:

Black against Other Major Openings

Black lines against other sound but unpopular White openings:

Black against Other Unusual or Flank Openings

Black needs a defence against unusual White openings, such as:

Black against very odd lines for White that are very rare:

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