Anti-Reti Openings

The Reti Opening (1.Nf3) is a flexible and strong opening. Black needs an “anti-Reti” plan, although it’s not that commonly seen in tournaments. The Reti might also become a King’s Indian Attack, so Black also probably needs an “anti-King’s Indian Attack” line.

For Black, an “anti-Reti” system should probably prevent White from playing “2.e4”. Hence, “1..d5” is the main line of the Reti, to which White will often play “2.c4”.

Diagram: Anti-Reti d5 line

Black can play “2..d4” with a “Reverse Benoni” setup, or other alternatives for Black. Note that White might also avoid the “c4” move, preferring instead a Barcza System with g3 and Bg2, before possibly playing c4 later.

But “d5” is the main line of the Reti, so this is all the main Reti opening theory, which is hardly an “anti-Reti” opening. Black can, of course, choose a particular sub-line of the “d5” main lines of the Reti as the anti-Reti plan, if desired.

Other Lines for Black

Although d5 is the main line, there are many other options. Other Black replies include: