Anti-Petrov Openings

The Petrov is one of the least favorite openings for White “e4” players. It takes much of the sting out of e4 and often leads to drawish equality. Options for White as an anti-Petrov to avoid most of the best-known theory lines include:

Avoiding the Petrov

The Petrov is one of the openings most favourable to Black in the King Pawn Openings. Lines that avoid the Petrov include:

Lines for White that do not avoid the Petrov include:

Gambit Lines for White

Anti-Petrov Gambit: An interesting but dubious anti-Petrov gambit line allows Black to capture the “e4” pawn. The line is called the “Boden-Kieseritsky Gambit” and goes:

Diagram: Anti-Petrov Gambit Line

Another gambit line is the Belgrade Gambit, which is in the Four Knights Opening.