Openings that aim to refute, avoid or modify the opening lines of the other player are often named as “anti” openings. Sometimes they try to convert dull positional openings (often played by stronger players) into more tactical and active play with chances for both sides. Other times, it’s the reverse, with the aim to avoid tactical play and transpose play into quieter lines. And sometimes the goal is to avoid playing against an opening completely!

Anti-Openings for White with “1.e4” lines:

Anti-Openings for White in “1.d4 d5” lines:

  • Anti-QGD
  • Anti-QGA
  • Anti-Tarrasch

Anti-Openings for White in the Indian lines (1.d4 Nf6) include:

  • Anti-Indian (1.d4 Nf6)
  • Anti-King’s Indian
  • Anti-Gruenfeld
  • Anti-Queen’s Indian
  • Anti-Nimzo-Indian
  • Anti-Bogo-Indian
  • Anti-Benko
  • Anti-Benoni

Anti-Openings for Black include:

See also: Reversed Openings.